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The Unusual And The Obscure — On Video

19 November 2011

Most wine-related videos on YouTube tend to be pretty uninspiring. There are the “How to Taste Wine” videos, the videos in which people taste wine and talk about it, and the videos that make fun of people tasting wine and talking about it. It’s all fairly predictable stuff.

There are a few delightful oddballs I’ve run across, however, and I would be remiss in my duties as a booze blogger if I didn’t share them with you.

First, as is appropriate for a blog about the unusual and the obscure, here is most definitely the oddest wine tasting I’ve ever seen.

YouTube also has its share of charming old wine commercials. If you like classic television, it’s worth making a quick search for them. My favorite is not actually a commercial itself, but outtakes from the making of a Paul Masson spot. Orson Welles is clearly very dedicated to getting to know the product.

Finally, do not miss this “commercial” for La Crema, a California-based wine company. I am dying to comment, but saying any more would spoil it.



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