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Ice Bucket Challenge (With Sparkling Wine, Of Course)

26 August 2014

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Last weekend two people challenged me to this ice bucket ordeal, in which one either donates to the ALS Association (or another charity) or dumps a bucket full of ice water over one’s head.

I elected to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, which assists veterans injured on the battlefield once they return home. It’s one of the worthiest causes I know.

You can see my video here, in which I put an ice bucket to proper, civilized use.


7 Comments to “Ice Bucket Challenge (With Sparkling Wine, Of Course)”

  1. That was great. I hope the Champagne did not get watered down.

    Good choice of charities too.

    • Ha ha! Thanks! We managed to save most of it, and Thom even used some in a champagne-mustard-tarragon-bacon sauce for some chicken.

  2. Love, LOve, LOVE!!!! Good job Thom (or was it Rob’s work) on not getting any water into the sparkling wine.

  3. Love your response to the ice bucket challenge. Too bad you had to get soaked after your noble effort to be civilized!

  4. I watch it over and over again – What a hoot!

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