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Name That Wine: The Debut Episode!

28 November 2017

What’s the scariest thing you could possibly do? For many wine writers, the answer is likely the same: blind tasting. What could be more embarrassing than, say, guessing a wine is Pinot Noir when in fact it’s Cabernet?

In fact, the only thing scarier than doing a blind tasting is doing a blind tasting on video, so that everyone can watch you get it wrong. So that’s exactly what my good friend Liz Barrett and I decided to do.

In our new web series, Name That Wine, we get other people to buy us wine, and we challenge each other to figure out what it is. We had a blast doing our first tasting:

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2 Comments to “Name That Wine: The Debut Episode!”

  1. I loved the “name the wine” episode. Please do another. Just from your description, I came within $1 of the price, one year of the age, the right variety, but had no clue it was French.


    • Wow! You really nailed it, just from hearing us talk about it. That’s really impressive. I also did not guess it was French, so we were in the same boat on that one! 🙂

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