El Jicaro

18 March 2012

I’ve been a little off my usual posting schedule this week, while I’ve been investigating the natural and cultural treasures of Nicaragua. Currently, I’m overlooking a little boulder-strewn horizon pool at Jicaro Lodge, a gorgeous eco-lodge on its own islet in Lake Nicaragua.

I dutifully sampled the local Jicor jicaro liqueur, distilled from jicaro pulp and mixed with sugar and water (jicaro trees produce hard, coconut-like fruits). It was not particularly to my taste, with a flavor of medicinal bananas.

In the lodge’s El Jicaro cocktail, a mix of Jicor, club soda, sugar syrup, grama tea and lime served in a jicaro nut with a bamboo straw, it overpowered absolutely everything.

In the unlikely event you enjoy medicinal bananas and also come across a bottle of jicaro liqueur, by all means, go for it. But I think I’ll keep to the superb local Flor de Caña rum instead.

Cocktails, Jicaro Liqueur, Nicaragua

2 Comments to “El Jicaro”

  1. Worse than Ouzo, indeed! Hehehe.

    Rob are you on facebook?

    -Jicaro Lodge Sarah

  2. 1. I love the taste of medicinal bananas. You don’t?

    2. That picture of you is hysterically cute.


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